Soma Coaches Believe
 The part is only as well as the whole.
Soma Coaches Believe
In Empowerment Through Embodyment.

Soma Coaches Believe
In Connection. Change is Relational. 
Soma is...
Embodied, Experiential, Relational, & Holistic

Become a soma coach

         Learn to utilize the power of embodied coaching
~Do you have a background in health, wellness, bodywork, mindfulness, or somatics?

~Are you a therapist interested in incorporating Somatics and Holistic Wellness into your practice?

~Are you a Life or Health Coach wanting to expand and deepen your clients ability to experience lasting transformation?

Through Six Wellness Modules, Soma Coaches learn the foundations of Somatics while simultaneously learning to teach each Wellness Course.

Impact more than your clients thoughts by reaching their Soma: the wholeness of body and mind in unison. Soma coaches connect with the entirety of their clients lives: Mind, Body, Feelings, Plans, Health, Habits, Finances, and Relationships, creating deep and lasting transformation.

Soma Coach Training offers tools and cutting edge holistic education to help you deeply support your clients and also grow your practice.

"The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to ones path towards wholeness. A journey to our center and then back out into the world."

Soma Wellness Courses
• Soma Coaches are trained to offer Wellness Courses to their own clients (see courses below).
• Courses offered through e-Learning interactive platform 
• Course content is vibrant and interactive including audio, video, graphics, logs, and worksheets.
• Courses offer opportunity for clients to interact with coach at end of each chapter.
• Soma Coaches can offer courses online only, online plus live coaching, and group coaching.

Soma Wellness Courses

Soma Healing

Increase present-moment awareness and emotional calm

Learn process to work through emotional distress Identify and transform damaging coping patterns

Consistently move toward experiencing your confident, centered and vibrant self

Soma Movement

Get motivated to move!

Discover the impact of exercise and breathing on emotion health

Specific guidance and videos offered for building muscle strength & stretching postures (yoga)

Use breathe to calm anxiety and increase mindfulness

Soma Nutrition

Transform shame-based unconscious eating with mindful nurture eating Learn a whole-foods enlivening approach to nutrition

Create a "True to You" Meal plan that works with your lifestyle

Learn recipes and food preparation tools to set you up for success

Soma Planning

Learn a life planning system to reduce stress, increase productivity & life balance, and improve relationships

Using customized goal setting and weekly planning worksheets or digital APP, learn to design your life and days based upon your gifts, values, and passions

With help from your coach and the system presented, you will find time for what matters most to you

Soma habits

Learn cognitive behavioral tools to transform any habit

Name and identify what triggers your behaviors

Learn to tame the urge and reduce the compulsive movement toward the behavior

Focus on framing the real result of your choices and desired outcomes you up for success

Soma finances

 Do you need to get debts payed off? Build a nest egg in case of an unexpected event? Save for a vacation? Then you'll need to know at least three things. How much do you have coming in? (Income) How are you spending it? (Expenses) How much are you left with? (Savings) Once you know these numbers you will be able to decide what you need to do to reach your financial goal.