Become a Soma Coach

Soma Coaches

Soma Coaches challenge the dogma of separate (dualistic) rationalism.

Learn to:
-Offer embodied, sensitive and supportive attention
-Listen and guide your clients through your own embodied presence
-See and treat clients struggles and intentions through the lens of Soma

Help Your Clients:
-Understand and Navigate nervous system regulation
-Identify their somatic shaping and conditioned tendencies
-Move beyond insight to inspiration
-Awaken the voice of their body
-Release tension stored in the body
-Live from their inner impulses and intuition
-Improve their health and wellness with Soma Wellness Courses

Training prepares coaches to educate and coach others in both Somatics and Holistic Wellness.

Dr. Kutsko earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Somatic Psychology. She is a certified nutritional counselor, Dr. Sears Wellness Coach, Certified as a Daring Way Practitioner, Yoga therapist, and an EMDR Trauma therapist. 
Three Month Training:

Next training dates:
September 1st - November 24th, 2020 Soma Coaches meet with Dr. Kutsko on ZOOM Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 CST. All calls recorded.

 $695 (three month payment plan: $231monthly)

Training Includes:
-Meet live on ZOOM with Dr. Kutsko and other Soma Coaches.
-Guidance on how to support your own clients through each Soma Wellness Course, using the e-learning interactive platform (Coassemble).
-Training in Somatic practices and interventions.
 -Access to all e-Learning courses.
-Soma CoachesĀ® Admin supervision and support.
If new to coaching, work through optional Coaching Basics E-Course:
Learn foundational Coaching Skills & Ethical Coaching Guidelines.

Certification includes:
Legal rights to use e-Learning course material.
Rights to use pre-made flyers and marketing materials. 
Rights to identify self as "Certified Soma Coach" using the Soma Coach Logo on your website.  

$20 monthly fee following certification for ongoing use of all CoAssemble elearning courses in addition to admin, marketing, & website support.