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Soma Course Training

 “What a great therapist, teacher, or coach does is alert people to resources they did not realize they had. That is the ultimate gift.” – Nathaniel Branden

Soma Instructors are trained to offer a Holistic Model of Transformation through six in-depth Interactive Wellness Courses combined with Somatic Coaching.

Wellness courses are offered through an online e-learning platform (CoAssemble) allowing your clients to submit assignments and receive your feedback online (on their phone, tablet or computer).

Online courses can be combined with live coaching to individuals, groups, or through workshops and retreats.

What You'll Learn

• Intensive training in six core areas of Wellness
• Attain deep understanding of Somatics and Somatic interventions
• Help Client's improve wellness through the empowerment of somatic awareness, centering and opening practices
• How to connect with your own body as a coaching resource and guide

Help Your Clients Somatically

Improve their health and wellness holistically and experientially
Settle and regulate their nervous system and deepen their mind/body integrated felt sense
• Identify and transform their somatic shaping and conditioned tendencies
Awaken and open the voice and expression of the body
Release embodied tension underneath suffering
Live from their inner impulses, inspirations, and intuition

Course Overview and Schedule

Sign up for one course at a time.

Each Course/Module includes: 
• Work through course online with Dr. Kutsko. Submit assignments as learner, however receive feedback with focus on guiding others.
Weekly 15-30 minute call with Dr. Kutsko covering one chapter of the given month's/module Soma Course (focusing on how to support your own clients with material). 
Somatic Centering & Mindfulness Practices on monthly call and through Soma Skills course.
Somatic Coaching Skills and interventions on monthly call and Soma Skills course.
• Monthly Call with other trainees
Demo's on how to use CoAssemble E-learning platform with your clients

Once one month is completed you can begin using that course with your clients. Continue with other courses at your own pace.
2020-2021 Training Dates
Begin Soma course most relevant to your practice at any time. Monthly calls with other Soma Trainee's offered on the third Tuesday of every month from 7:00-8:00 cst. Calls are recorded.
Certification includes
• Certification as a Soma Course Instructor®
• Use of Soma Courses marketing materials
• Access to ELearning Courses
$500 per Course
$30 monthly fee following certification for ongoing use of all CoAssemble elearning courses in addition to admin, marketing, & website support.

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